Wifi Surveillance Rover

A simple yet functional rover working over WiFi

In this project we make use of some common parts to create a surveillance rover that functions over wifi.

The parts required for the project are:

  • Node MCU
  • L298N Motor Driver
  • 12V Battery
  • Android Device
  • Robot Chassis
  • Motors and Tires
  • A Camera
  • Jumper wires
  • Standoffs

The Node MCU is the brain of the project. The Node MCU receives instructions from an android application. We make use of a camera mount it to the chassis and do surveillance.

This project aims to move the 4WD robot to move as per our interest to any direct and at the same time record a video footage, simple invention yet powerful. As for controlling we use the wireless functions of Node MCU along with an app installed on your android device. The rover can be controlled within the range of the Node MCU.

Overall it’s an easy and powerful project.

Lets start with the Android app.


  1. Install the app from the drive link given below.
  2. After installing, just open the app and check if its opening.

Link for the Code as well as the Android app.

That’s it for the application.

Connection Instructions 

L298N Driver

  1. Connect Enable A to D5 of the Node MCU.
  2. Connect IN 1 to D8 of the Node MCU.
  3. Connect IN 2 to D7 of the Node MCU.
  4. Connect IN 3 to D4 of the Node MCU.
  5. Connect IN 4 to D3 of the Node MCU.
  6. Connect Enable B to D6 of the Node MCU.

Power Connections

  1. Connect 5V from the driver board to V IN of the Node MCU.
  2. Connect the GND of driver board to Node MCU GND.
  3. Connect Postive and Negative terminals to the 12V and GND points of the driver board respectively.

Motor Connections

  1. Connect the two left motors to the ports available on the left side of motor driver board.
  2. Connect the two right motors to the ports available on the right side of motor driver board.

Note: Connect the motors in parallel connection not in series connection.

After all the connections are completed we can move on to the Arduino IDE.

Download the code from the drive link and upload the code to the Node MCU board. Do not power the board using the driver board at this time.

Now all the processes are complete and the rover is ready. Just stick the Camera to the chassis. Connect the battery and wait for 5 seconds. Connect the android device with the WiFi of the Node MCU. Them open the app and click on the directional arrows in order to move the rover in the direction of the arrow.

The project is completed!

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Written by Mahesh US

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