WIFI deauther, spamer and jammer

not for kids…

We wont be responsible for your actions as this is only for educational purposes

Made with nodemcu v0.1

1) Go to and downoald the nodemcu flasher

2) Go to and downoald .bin file  v1.1-v1.6 if you have nodemcu v.0.1 but if you have the v1.0 you can try all

3) Open the flasher select the bin file connect the nodemcu thru usb, select the port (it shouldnt be COM1)  then flash it.

4) you should fiind a new wifi in your neighborhood witch password is “deauther”

5)Once you have connected you should visit these ip  then you have acces to all settings



> In majority of coutries actions of this tool is punished with a fine or imprisonment.

> All you learned here is for for educational purposes and not for malicious intent

> ME and NO one else is responsabe for your actions

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Written by theCYBERbro

This account is ecual with this phrase God maked math but code is beter

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