J.A.C.O.B (Gyro-bot)

Just A COol Bot

J.A.C.O.B stands for Just A COol Bot.

The idea behind this project is to control a bot using gyroscope/ accelerometer in android phone (i.e by tilting the phone).

Materials required:

  1. Arduino UNO
  2. Bluetooth module (HC-06)
  3. L293D (motor driver IC)
  4. DC motors ( I’ve used 4 12V motors)
  5. Chassis
  6. Android phone

Software required:

  1. Arduino IDE (get it from )
  2. mit app inventor-2 (
  3. Tinkercad(for simulation) (

Screenshot of the app:

Video demo and tutorial:

As I am using only a 9V battery instead of 12V, the bot is not able to make turns efficiently.

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Written by S.Ajaykumaar

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