Gesture based air mouse with Arduino

Arduino Gesture mouse

Welcome to the Quanta projects, As we are going with the technology there are many ways we are founding to interact with our surroundings. so when we communicate with the fact present in the surround we need communication between both. so it depends on you how can you communicate with this fact. for example when we interact with the temperature of the environment we need a temperature sensor and some communication protocol and a system that can show the data.on this data, we can analyze and use it to control our surroundings. so we need to know which are the communications protocol to communicate with those facts.

always we have a device to interact that. same as in this project we use the Bluetooth communication to interact with our device with the computer. so, here we will use the accelerometer. Motivated by this thought we are going to make an “Gesture-based air mouse”, to associate with frameworks just by moving the comfort noticeable all around, however as opposed to utilizing 3-dimensional facilitate references, we are just going to utilize 2-dimensional organize references so we can impersonate the activities of the PC mouse since the mouse works in two measurements X and Y.The idea driving this Wireless 3D Air Mouse is extremely straightforward, we will utilize an accelerometer to get the estimation of the increasing speed of the activities and movements of the “Air mouse” along the x and y-hub, and afterward dependent on the estimations of the accelerometer¬†we will control the mouse cursor and play out specific activities with the assistance of the python programming drivers running on PC.

Components require to make Gesture-based air mouse

  • Arduino Nano (any model)
  • Accelerometer ADXL335 Module
  • Bluetooth HC-05 Module
  • Pushbuttons
  • Python Installed computer

Circuit diagram to make Gesture-based air mouse

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Written by shahid

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