Bipid Scout

Arduino based bipedal robot

This is a very simple robot to build and program.

It is designed in such a way that any beginner programmer can easily customize and add any motion to it. It requires minimal materials to build.

Materials required are:-

  • 1-Arduino mega2560.
  • 1-Bluetooth module hc-05.
  • 10-servo motors mg90s.
  • batteries.
  • jumper wires.
  • sun board.
  • super glue.


  • Cut out the body parts and assemble them using super glue, The body parts can be of your own design but make sure to have a similar structure.
  • Before attaching the servo motors make sure that all the servos are at an angle of 90 degree.
  • Connect all the servos according to the pin numbers defined in the code below.
  • After servos are attached and connected to the arduino, connect the power supply for the servos seperately and make sure to have a common ground between the power supply and the arduino.
  • Make sure to attach the bluetooth module after uploading the code to arduino.
  • Download an “arduino bluetooth app” and set it up according to the code.
  • Pair the app and start controlling the robot.


Arduino code:-

The code is big but is very simple, each command is written in its own function.

You can add or remove any function based on your requirments.

The code is available on my Github link :-

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