About Us:

If robotics and innovation is what fulfills you, then you’ve found the right place. I’ve seen so many individuals today who are looking for the resources and courage to pursue what fulfills them and gives them purpose. Our purpose at Quanta is to provide users a platform to unlock their unlimited potential in the field of robotics, learn fundamental knowledge and critical thinking skills, and connect them with other peers who have similar passions. We hope to inspire future innovators who wish to gain more exposure to the field of robotics and computer science through this interactive platform where users can learn, build, and create robots from their own ideas or the ideas of others! No prior background knowledge in robotics is needed to join as our goal is to grow beginners into experts.

If you want to join the QuantaProject movement, first start by creating your own personal account to unlock many key features of your user experience such as sharing pictures of your projects, customising your own teaching tutorials and many other awesome features! After signing up as a user, check out our How to Get Started Guide.

We hope you can contribute your ideas and creations in this community and stimulate a movement of innovation within this learning platform to benefit yourself and others around you. The long term goal for Quanta is to have a diversity of fields to increase accessibility to different fields of interest for students from all backgrounds without any financial burdens.